Anne-France Abillon, psychiatrist and graduate of the Paris-Sud Faculty of Medicine, has given numerous lectures in France and abroad and has extensive experience in training nursing staff. But it is her linguistic abilities and her attention to detail which have made her indispensable to our organisation as a proof-reader of French documents. For more information about Anne-France, go to, and you might even be in for a surprise.

Frauke Alashé is based in Cologne – If Scholl can't, she can – if she can't, Scholl can. In a nutshell, she is the perfect example of a competitor who is also a colleague. A truly synergistic relationship and proof that true friendships still exist in this line of business - as well as people who love their work. Thank you, Frauke, for twenty years of teamwork.

Béatrice Paillard-Gadaleta, graduate of the Franco-German Chamber of Commerce, Sales manager for another medical translation agency between 1989 and 1992, Béatrice met François Scholl when he was still working for Eric Kraus. A colleague who went on to become a client, as a clinical trials manager for a CRO in Gentilly (near Paris), her role here is to further strengthen our customer focus. Béatrice is someone you can rely on completely to make your projects run smoothly.

Hans Floss, a German born in France, is a Berlin-based specialist in clinical biology, microbiology and hospital hygiene who always has the last word when it comes to validating our translations into German, whether in the field of traditional medicine, herbal medicine or medical instrumentation. Hans is a long-standing partner who is always reliable, motivated and competent. Thank you, Hans, for joining us on our business journey.

Andrew Mullarky, a British biochemist and former head of the in-house translation department at Rhône-Poulenc Rorer, went from being a client to a supplier, although not on an exclusive basis, unfortunately. We share his expertise with other agencies. A great friendship has developed between us, however, and we are very grateful to him, particularly for his work on probiotics. Andrew's availability is exemplary and his expertise unequalled.

Angel Ferrario is an Argentinian cardiologist who works in a hospital in the Paris region. We are delighted to be able to count him as one of our partners. His input on articles intended for publication in scientific journals written in Spanish is invaluable. He also takes responsibility for numerous projects in the fields of diagnostic materials and surgery (catheters, surgical instruments).

Maxwell Robinson, a full-time translator/editor, is also completely dedicated to life sciences, and his results are impressive! Trilingual from birth, with an English father and a Swedish mother, Maxwell went on to complete all his studies in French! A rare treasure in the field of translation. Whether the subject is urology, oncology or diabetes: Maxwell delivers!

Emmanuelle Thyen: Another great story! Emmanuelle started off as one of our clients when she worked at Grünenthal in Aix-la Chapelle. Now she works for us in a variety of scientific fields. Without her, there is no way we would be able to cope with the ever growing demand for translations from German into French, notably for our Swiss client base.    

Pavel Venediktov: In 2000, François Scholl travelled to Moscow to make new contacts at the Academy of Sciences. This likeable man with the look of a sailor became our main translator into Russian. This is a very promising market which we plan to develop with our sales representative, Anatoly Burdakov.