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Scholl Language Solutions is more than just another translation agency.








François Scholl

Since 1987, François Scholl has worked exclusively with clients in the pharmaceutical industry. His specialized domain? Your domain.

We work with a network of translators and scientific writers throughout the world, employed either on a free-lance basis or exclusively for us. Some are active in research fields while others work in hospital private practice. Certain of our partners specialize solely in translation.

We can offer unlimited language combinations, including Arabic and Hebrew, as well as oriental and Eastern European languages. We are well placed in Eastern European translation and can offer very competitive rates.

More information on some of our partners and colleagues >>>

Many agencies are reluctant to reveal the identity of their translators, usually for fear that their customers will discover often abusive margins, but also because advertising claims (i.e. professional background, scientific training, first language) do not always tally with the truth.Scholl Language Solutions will be happy to name the translators working for you and in certain cases put you directly in touch with those responsible for your work.

Through our personal attention to your dossiers, from initial quote to final delivery, we can avoid many of the mix-ups that commonly occur elsewhere, namely the tendency to select translators on the basis of a single criterion: availability.
We do our utmost to find you the person specializing in the field in question, we have all work independently reread, and we remain open at all times to your comments and suggestions.
Wherever possible, we try to ensure that the same partner handles your documents in the long term in order to ensure homogeneity and continuity in terms of style and technical vocabulary.

Patient information leaflets, product monographs, study protocols, investigator reports, CRFs, expert reports, SPCs, scientific articles, MA dossiers, advertising materials, training manuals for sales staff, manufacturing methods, validations, SOPs, interpreting for conferences and meetings.
We have been involved at various stages throughout the lifecycle of numerous pharmaceutical products in such fields as: allergy, asthma, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular medicine, cancer, pain management, epilepsy, erectile dysfunction, depression, phobias, diabetes, OCD, rheumatology, osteoporosis, HIV-related disease, gastrointestinal disease, contraception, vaccines, medical instrumentation…

We use all the main word processing and graphic software (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, PageMaker, QuarkXPress, etc.) for both PC and Mac. All of your documents will be presented with the original layout or in accordance with your instructions.

We undertake to treat all scientific or commercial information entrusted to us in the course of our work with the utmost confidentiality. All documents supplied to or translated by us are routinely destroyed after a set period as defined with our customers. We have confidentiality agreements with all of our partners and we subcontract only to partners known personally to us.

In addition to our translation services, we can offer further services thanks to our contacts in the communications field: illustrators, printers, advertising agencies (Paris, Brussels and Zurich), audiovisual production (Basel) and publishers (Paris), as well as CROs (Paris, Barcelona and Munich).

Over 50 pharmaceutical companies, medical publishing companies and advertising agencies in seven countries have already entrusted their work to us. Please feel fee to request a current list of referees who can attest to the quality of our services.






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